Using our high-definition aerial video and high-resolution photo solutions to market your properties shows prospective sellers that the agent takes advantage of every opportunity to make their property stand out from the competition.

Traditional methods of advertising in real estate such as, classified ads, flyers, yards signs, etc. still work, but considering almost 100 percent of millennials use websites and mobile phones in their home search, the path is clear, traditional advertising has evolved.

Additionally, typical real estate photography is helpful, but prospective buyers still need to use their imagination piecing photos together to get an idea what the home and property looks like. Supplementing standard photos with aerial photographs or video enables buyers to gain a better understanding of the relationships between the home, garages, sheds, and other features of the property. Videos filmed by drones can help buyers get a better idea of what a property "feels" like before they visit for a showing.


Drones can showcase the neighborhood and its highlights to prospective home buyers by demonstrating how close the property is to key locations such as:

> The lake, river, park, or other desirable outdoor locations.
> Points of interests close by such as restaurants, stores, gas stations, etc.


One of the biggest benefits drones bring to real estate marketing is the ability to create professional high quality photos and videos which help homes sell for above asking price.


Most real estate websites allow you to upload several photos of a property, but only one image is displayed when buyers are browsing search results. Selecting a compelling aerial photograph from a drone as the featured image can be a great way to stand out from other listings, increase share-ability, and lead to faster sales.


One of the biggest benefits of utilizing drone technology is that you demonstrate to potential customers that you’re willing to go the extra mile. Impressive drone videos and photographs will drive more customers to your websites, listings, and social media, and increase opportunities for generating new business.


In the past, the only way to get aerial photographs was by paying thousands of dollars to hire a small plane or helicopter pilot to fly you around. Because of the expense, aerial photography was limited only to the most high-end properties. But with drones, price is no longer a barrier, making it possible to capture aerial assets for all types of properties.

Some agents claim that drones are the most important new technology to enter real estate marketing since the internet and it’s easy to see why. Using flying cameras, real estate photographers are producing dramatic, sweeping shots of landscapes, ocean and mountain vistas and seamless fly-arounds of gorgeous home exteriors. They are also taking shots of homes never before imagined, like, flying down onto a property from 200 feet in the air; highlighting the details of a large, expensive property in dramatic form; then, flying fast 2 feet above a driveway right up to the front door.